About us

The name "Aurora Ales" was chosen after some careful thought and a few pints, with the aim being to produce a core range of 6 beers all themed around the brilliant lightshow produced by the "Aurora Borealis" and the general beauty and inspiring nature of the night skies.


Mark Derbyshire

Founder - Aurora Ales

I was formerly one of a team of shift brewers responsible for production of a large and diverse range of beers at Hardy & Hanson’s Kimberley Brewery in the historical brewing town of Kimberley in Nottinghamshire . a role I undertook for 23 years until the shareholders took the decision to sell up and the Brewery and its pubs were purchased by one of the nationals {I cannot bear to even write the name}, the gates of the brewery were subsequently closed forever on Christmas Eve 2006 and 174 years of Brewing History were lost.

It has been my ambition ever since to return to the brewing trade and after 10 long years the opportunity has finally presented itself and I am grabbing it with both hands.

There is no industry on the planet like Brewing , it takes over your whole life and I live and breathe beer{the wife would say drink and breathe} , however when I look back at my time at Kimberley there was not a single day I didn’t love every minute of and it’s this passion that I intend bringing to Aurora Ales.


Trevor Bishop

Founder - Aurora Ales

Professionally I trained as an Electronics Engineer at Portsmouth Polytechnic. As a young student, I found my passion for real ale. Fortunately for me, living in close proximity to Horndean Village, Hampshire, which was home to the Gales Brewery, established for 150 years, I was lucky enough to experience real ale. With my favourite tipple being the HSB ale, (Horndean Special Bitter) the signature beer brewed by the local Gales Brewery.

After working in the Engineering industry for several years, an opportunity arose for me to move into the management of Public Houses. I worked for the Grand Met organisation for several years, where I trained and managed several public houses in the local area.

I moved away from the management of public houses due to starting a family, and then spent a large proportion of my professional career working within the Leisure industry in various Senior Management positions. I now currently work as a consultant for Network Rail. However, my passion for ‘real ale’ has always remained.

My dream of owning a brewery, (albeit a micro brewery at present) gives me the opportunity to embrace this passion, and produce traditional ‘real ale’, brewed to old recipes. I believe that my wide and varied career experience holds me in good stead for my new venture and allows me to not only continue enjoying ‘real ale’ but now also to experience the passion for brewing it.